LIFE is not about making others happy.

LIFE is about sharing your happiness with others.

Thank you all for sharing some of your memorable moments over the last 50 years with us. Family, grandchildren and friends, nothing can be more special. Life is too short to be anything but happy. More photos will be posted on the 50th Reunion Photos page of this website. Please send any additional reunion photos to jcmolina@verizon.net.


Join us as we celebrate our 50th Reunion:

Please email Norma Alday at NormaAlday@gmail.com with any questions.

*Will you help us find some of our classmates that we have been unable to locate?  Click here to see who they are.


For many of us Tucson High was more than just 4 years of building new friendships. (Some of us also fell in love. Some more than once!) From our local neighborhood, to elementary and junior high school, we graduated with friends that we had known for almost all our lives. Now is a good time to think back and reflect on those days. They seem just like yesterday. On October 10, we had a great 49th class Reunion in Tucson. Get ready for the 50th Reunion in 2016. Other smaller group meetings and dinners are also being planned.

Thomas Hauser in his book REFLECTIONS sums it up best:

“So why have we come to this Reunion? Partly, it’s curiosity, the opportunity to reminisce, a desire to re-experience old times and see old friends. But just as importantly, a reunion is a chance for each of us to learn about ourselves. In order to find out more about who we are today, we have to go back to who we were long ago.”

This Website is a work in progress, we have a lot more to do. We need your help in getting the word out to our classmates about this website and upcoming Reunions. Each of you will have a full page in the Classmate Profile section to share whatever you want with us. Purely optional. It will be the only place where you can, at your discretion, post your contact information, email, address, social media. Other than that page, we will not disclose contact information on any classmate. We would love to hear from you. Please see the Contact Us page to get in touch and for our WISH LIST. Enjoy!

Joe Molina, Webmaster