Each of you will have the option of submitting information for a full page in this section to share whatever you want with us. Purely optional. It will be the only place where you can, at your discretion, post your contact information, email, address, and social media. Other than that page, we will not disclose contact information on any classmate.

How it works

Submit any or all of the following in an email to your name, city, state, no more than three pictures to be used on your profile (we have the classmate photo covered), a brief description with no more than 300 words, and/or any email addresses or social media links you wish to display. You also have the option of just sending text (no photos) or just sending photos (up to five). In Tucson, we can also arrange to have all your materials scanned.

The amount of information displayed is completely up to you!

Norma Nicholson (Camargo)

Janet Oakes Pierce

Frank Llamas

Barclay Dick

Terry Tellez-Meijer

Joe Molina

Mary Alice Kellogg