Great Moments


Please share with us three great moments in your life. Moments, big or small, that were special to you.

Marjie (Sumner) Fields:
1) The day I got my masters degree. I was pregnant with my second child. That was the day I realized I was smart!
2) The day I retired after teaching for 37 years.
3) My two grandsons, they make me young.
Joe Molina:
1) The birth of my  grandson in the bathtub of my Tucson house. Scared the hell out of me. Both my daughter and grandson were fine and healthy. No more home deliveries.                                
2) The day I arrived at Mt. Everest base camp in Nepal. I was sick as adog and lost 35 lbs on that great hike.
3) The day I graduated from Harvard Law School. From that day on Nothing would be considered impossible. However it did take me 20 years to figure out what was really possible.