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On Friday, September 18, 2015, ( 50…yes… Fifty years after we all won the state championship) some team members, wives and family met at a sports bar for snacks, drink and story telling before going to the state championship football game at Tucson high school.

Players that were present were Arnold Adler, Melvin Byrge, Rich Alday, Oscar Escobar, Wayne Nelson,  (Bill Dawson in spirit), Rick Secrest and myself, Al Almazan.

For me and for many others, it was the first time in 50 years that we were able to see our signature on THE football. Unlike today, my signature showed a steady hand.

From the sports bar we proceeded to meet in front of the gym at THS. Tom Castillo, was there to join us. The “Marching 100″ was there. The student council was there and asked if they could take a picture of them with us old timers.

When we got to the field we (wives and players) were met and very pleasantly greeted by the THS cheerleaders/songleaders. Talking to them brought back so many memories of the past. We were once again 17 years old… alot of dark hair, big smiles and no wrinkles.

Prior to the game we were marched out to the field, single file, in alphabetical order and escorted by a THS cheerleader. As we marched out the announcer was reading all the stats and accomplishments of our 1965 season. (These are all statistics Melvin had provided to them.) In the meantime my wife, Evelyn said to Norma Alday, “Look at those old men with those teenage girls. They think they are still 17 years old”. Then they proceeded to announce each one of us by name as we took 3 steps forward. As I mentioned earlier, Bill Dawson was there in spirit. What was really nice was Katy Dawson stood in Bill’s place and was presented for Bill. Incidentally, Wayne Nelson printed some pictures (3 x3) of Bill which we all pinned to our chest.

THEN is when I felt like I was really 17 years old.

Arnie took the mic, made a fine short speech and presented the football. We walked off the field as the fans applauded.

We stayed and watched the game until I, THEN, felt like I was 67 years old and left at halftime. I guess we left too early, as the game was tied at 28, when Iron Ridge kicked a field goal in the last remaining seconds and beat THS 31 to 28.

Frank Mendez….To you I owe an apology. I forgot to kiss the FOOTBALL. I was so involved in the excitement of the moment that I flat forgot. Me perdonas?

In closing, I wish to thank Arnold Adler and Melvin Byrge for making all of this happen. I also wish to thank all who attended (teammates, wives and family). This event was priceless and thanks to y’all, I shall take it to my grave.

Kindest Regard to All

Alfred (Al) Almazan


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